Welcome to Iron Chinchilla! We are an unique furniture and home accessories company, with designs conceived and fabricated by Ft Worth artist Patrick Neuwirth.  Started in 2001, we set out to give our customers an option to the imported, “cookie-cutter” designs offered a large retailers.  With a passion for uniqueness and a dedication to quality crafsmanship, we have made our mark with gallery representation across the country and word of mouth from our amazing customers!  Contact us and let us design the perfect accent piece for your home!



meet the artist


Patrick first started bending metal into “Functional Art” in 1992 while working as a welder in his home town of Des Moines, IA.  It didn’t take long for his hobby to draw the eye of the owner at the hip Asian restaurant where he was a bartender in the evenings, resulting in his first “real” job designing and fabricating 30 tables for their new dining room – not a bad start for someone with no art or design degree. The tables were such a hit, he set up shop in a friend’s garage and began self marketing his unique spin on furniture…

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At the Iron Chinchilla, we pride ourselves in delivering a handmade, one of a kind product that becomes an instant conversation piece. Using little more than a bench vise and varying lengths of pipe we affectionately call “cheater bars”, we cold bend and shape each piece at the work table. With more than 20 years of welding experience, you can be sure that each piece we create will stand the test of time!