No Retreat


The “No Retreat” flag sculpture is designed in the reverse image style to honor those men and women that wore it with pride in service to our country.

The reverse image was designed so that a soldier could wear the Stars and Stripes on his or her right shoulder and the field of stars would be facing forward… as if it was on a flag pole being carried by a flag bearer into battle.

This tradition lends itself to the flag bearers as far back as the Revolutionary War, a soldier always knew the battle was being won if the Stars and Strips were moving ever forward.

The sculpture is designed using 13 separate strips of carbon steel, individually burnished and welded together.  Each star is tack welded in place and the field is added to finish the piece.  The piece is then given several coats of Clear Epoxy Enamel to resist rust and make it shine!

Brackets are added to the back to hang in the reverse image fashion or to hang vertically as well


Dimensions are 19″ x 36″ and it sits about 1.5″ off the wall

Weight is 30 lbs

Will ship UPS ground to the continental US